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Once Upon a Time, a Warrior Princess met an evil Queen.

A Xena: Warrior Princess and Once Upon a Time crossover. This AU takes place before the start of each show, it ends exactly where the first episode of each series begins.

After meeting Hercules and deciding to leave her evil ways Xena accidentally comes across a portal that sends her to a land she does not know; a land with magic, an enchanted forest, and an evil Queen.
When the evil Queen is told by her mirror that he has seen the arrival of an unknown woman, a woman with a dark past, she decides to go find her. She proposes Xena to work for her, tries to win her over (giving her Argo) but Xena ultimately turns her down, she fights for good now. Regina is offended and hurt because she thought she had found someone to be her right hand, someone who would understand her, a friend. After meeting Snow White, Xena agrees to help her win back her kingdom but fails to see Snow’s thirst for vengeance. When Snow tries to kill Regina Xena stops her. Regina’s anger towards Xena grows when she finds out she is working with Snow, so much that Rumplestiltskin easily talks her into sending a dragon to kill Xena but Xena is able to slay the dragon. Xena realizes how Rumple is manipulating Regina, and because of the connection Xena feels to Regina - she also sees herself, her old self, in the evil Queen - she tries one final time to talk her into changing (flash-forward to Regina sacrificing herself in S2), but Regina is too far gone. In the end Xena can’t stop Regina, and with the help of the blue fairy she is given a way back to her world before she becomes a victim of the curse.

Song: So Cold by Ben Cocks

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The Manual. A Warehouse 13 book much like The Book of Defiance. Still in progress with nude pages.

With any luck, I can finish and get it before DragonCon for Ms. Jojo.

Still have to draw/insert eight more pages and color…

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Cosima: Sarah don’t do the thing
Sarah: *does the thing and shrugs*
Sarah: Cosima don’t do the thing
Cosima: *does the thing and apologizes*
Sarah and Cosima: Alison this is a bad idea…
Alison: *has already done the thing, shrugs*
Sarah, Cosima and Alison: Helena don’t -
Helena: *an explosion is heard in the distance* Seestras…

Still accurate.

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